Testimonial – 555

“I called Integrity Roofing to come out and give me estimate price on a new flat roof. He gave me 2 options that was reasonable. His work was neat and professional. Didn’t leave no mess around. He even gave me a good price on my extended roof with a new gutter and skylight. I was satisfy with the work after it was completed. I even called him back 6 months later cause I had a bad leak in my daughters room down to the basement. He even came back out to check the problem, come to find out he advise me that my gutter was clogged and told me to remember to clean out your gutter 2 a year. In the beginning of the summer and the end of fall that way you wont have these future problems. He  reinsure me that it was nothing on his part. I appreciate the time and effort he took out his time to come and check on my concerns. I would definitely call him in the future and recommended him to any friends or relatives that had a problem like mines or need services to their roof.”